Field Notes (Sky/Ground)
Oil on Canvas


A New Map of Africa from the Latest Authorities
Pigment ink on acid free paper
130 x 115 cm
Edition of 3

A New Map of Africa_crop.jpg

A Brief History of the Horizon

This body of work aims to examine space, both real and imaginary, in colonially-based representations and mapping of land and landscape in South Africa and on the African continent. While the work is primarily photographic, it includes elements of painting and installation, unified by three visual devices: the horizon, the road and the boundary.


Mapping land has always been an act of imagination as much as a practice of documentation. Borders, roads and property rights are human-made. Ultimately this collection of images and objects intends to engage our troubled history of looking at, belonging to, and relationship  with the land.


Elision (After Baines)
Archival Print on Dibond, Oil on Canvas
53 x 41 cm, 50.8 x 40,64 cm

Paradise 2_sml_edited.jpg

Pieces of Paradise
Pigment ink on acid free paper
48cm x 35 cm
Edition of 12

Paradise 3_sml_edited.jpg
1_Adventure Adventure.jpg
3_Veld, Farm, Futures.jpg
5_South Africa Invites You.jpg
2_Grass is Always Greener.jpg
4_Land of Contrast.jpg



132 x 65 cm

Edition of 12