Renée Holleman is an artist, writer and researcher who works across the fields of urban culture and the visual arts.


She is interested in relationships to land and the ways in which settler colonialism finds expression in visual culture across landscapes, urban environments, ecologies, and through development frameworks.

Her research-based practice is multi-disciplinary, often drawing on the imaginative and reflexive potential of the interstitial, as an animating absence in the telling of hi/stories, and in the poetics and politics of space - within, between, and beyond cities.

She is currently trying to understand the aesthetic dimensions of ecological systems-thinking, and how working with distributed agencies and practices of fugitivity might enable better relations with more-than-human natures.

Her work has shown at Rencontres de Bamako (2019, Association for Visual Arts (2019), Absa Atelier (2012), What if the World (2011), Goodman Gallery (2009, 2010), Johannesburg Art Fair (2010), Museet for Samtidskunst (2010), Spier Contemporary (2007), Cape '07 (2007)