“As I turned the corner I came upon a sight so curious I had to rub my eyes for fear that they were deceiving me.”

“As I turned the corner there appeared before me the same scene as before, down to the very last detail”

“As I turned the corner the page loosened and a note slipped out, falling to the floor.”

A Novel in Parts takes as its point of departure the suburb of Woodstock - Cape Town, a place long on the brink of becoming something else. Suspended between a forgotten past and a promising future its current revival signals an important but not unproblematic shift within an area whose diversity marks it apart from any other in the city.

Through an inherently open construct and the lens of a mysterious event, the exhibition attempts to open up a space in which various story-lines oscillate between fact and fiction, drawing on the mythical nautical tale of the 'Flying Dutchman' as well as a legion of ships sunk off the Cape coastline.

This new body of work, inspired by the local neighbourhood, employs the device of the novel to explore a collection of interweaving concerns that draw on history, locale, narratives of progress, abstract fable, visual conundrum and text.