Mixed media



An incomplete replica handmade scale model of a ship that would have once docked in Table Bay, Cape Town.


Carbon paper on Hahnemuller


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Studio Wall

Mixed Media


Map Mix_sml_edit.jpg

A road on a street in an alley through a field

Archival print



An excerpt of an archive

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People’s Post

12 July 2011, 19 July 2011, 26 July 2011, 16 August 2011

Archival digital print on cotton rag


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If Walls_structure_2_2_edited.jpg

If walls could talk would they sing

Sound piece

Composed in collaboration with Brendon Bussy​


Partly narrative, partly thematic, the score of this piece takes as its basis the facade of the building in which the work was shown - then belonging to Whatiftheworld Gallery. The building had previously been the meeting house of an old Jewish synagogue, and the composition melodically traces the interwoven textures of the local Woodstock community into the present day.

If walls could talk_sml_edited.jpg
Room Double Stitch 7_sml.jpg

The Reader

Mixed media installation


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Gallery L_med.jpg

In Chapter 3 it rains

Graphite on Fabriano


In chapter 3 it rains_crop2.jpg

Inspired by my (then) local neighborhood, this body of work employs the device of the novel to explore a collection of interweaving concerns that draw on history, narratives of progress, fable, visual conundrum and text. A Novel in Parts takes as its point of departure the Woodstock environ, a place long on the brink of becoming something else. Suspended between a forgotten colonial past and a promising future, ongoing gentrification efforts signal an important but not unproblematic shift within an area whose diversity and cultural heritage make it unique within a deeply segregated city.

What is made visible and what is not, from the suburbs submerged shoreline to the gallery's renovated premises, evoke a series of hauntings that link social, environmental and political concerns explored in the exhibition on a narrative and conceptual level. In so doing, I allude to different spaces within and without the exhibition and gaps and dislocations in reading/viewing that decenter the viewer, and instead position them as an interpretive agent among a range of unreliable manifestations, none more probable than the next.

A picture is a fact s.jpg
Perfect Vehicle (Fatboy)_lrg_edited.jpg

Perfect Vehicle (Fat Boy)

Chrome coated resin


Perfect Vehicle crop_lrg_edited.jpg
The World, Inverted_2007_edited.jpg

The World, inverted

Mixed Media


World Inverted 2.jpg


Graphite on Wall