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There is a Lovely Land

Mixed media installation

Localities - My World Images Festival

With Doing it for Daddy


In 2010, the collective Doing it for Daddy comprising Renée Holleman, Bettina Malcomess and Linda Stupart, was invited by Senegalese curator N’Gone Fall to participate in an exhibition in Denmark entitled 'Localities, Fictional and Real’, as part of the ‘My World Images Festival’.

On receiving the invitation they asked themselves the question, 'What do we know about Denmark?', and realising they knew very little about Denmark, began to consider what the Danes might know about Africa.


With European tropes of colonial discovery firmly in mind, Doing it for Daddy set out to conduct an ethnographic study of Danish culture, exploring the dynamics of its social relations, history and material artifacts from the locus of an inherently South African perspective. Their research included interviews, YouTube videos of vikings, cooking traditional Danish meals, wandering flea markets, and when in Denmark undertaking a series of 'expeditions' to visit the Little Mermaid, a Safari Zoo, and the Karen Blixen Museum, among a number of other endeavors.
There is a Lovely Land takes its title from the Danish National Anthem, and attempts to make visible the mechanisms of the colonial gaze, and the ever-complicated relationship between Europe and the African continent through the role of the bold artist/explorer. In so doing, the artists collectively tried to come to grips with the realities and fictions of their own locality, through the dislocations and diffractions of traveling to a place completely foreign, and Other, to that which they thought they knew.

Out of Denmark

Featuring Bettina Malcomess, Linda Stupart and Renée Holleman


'Out of Denmark', based on the title of Karen Blixen's memoir 'Out of Africa', and featuring the soundrack of Sidney Pollack's 1985 screen adaptation of the same name, is one of a set of films produced for the exhibition. Using found, archival and recorded footage, the film constructs a journey through which the artists seek to engage and undermine some problematic assumptions, and various representations of cultural and national identity.

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